Residential Services

J & W Electric strive to provide our clients with fast, friendly and professional service. We arrive on time and prepaird so you can have confidence you home is safe and up to current Ontario electrical Code. We are always happy to talk through any questions you might have, so please feel free to contact our team today.

Some of our Residential Services Include:

- Renovations and upgrading fixtures and devices
- general Maintenance
- Troubleshoot & repairs or any size
- Panel Upgrades
- Fuse to Breaker Panel Upgrades/retrofits
- Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
- Home Automation Systems 
- Fire Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
- Dimmers, Motion sensors and timers 
- Fixtures, Fans, and Chandeliers

- Home stand-by generators
- New Construction wiring

Commercial Services

Our team has the skills and knowledge to tackle all of your commercial needs. We thrive for the highest quailty of service so you and your business are always up and running. We are always happy to talk through any questions you might have, so please feel free to contact our team today.

​Some of our Commercial Services Include:

- Office Renovations

- Exterior post and wall lighting
- Lighting Retrofits and Installation
- Data and communication cabling
- Medical Offices
- Professional Offices
- Warehouse Electrical
- Transformers
- Tesla and All Other Electric Car Charging Stations
- Panels, Pumps, and Exhaust Fans

Industrial Services

Our team understands the high demand of industrial electrical. We have the safetly training and knowledge to look after all componants from trouble shooting, installing or general maintenance. Feel free and contact our team to dicuss your needs further. 

Some of our Commercial Services Include:

- Industrial Lighting Retrofits and Installation
- Panel Maintenance, Installation and Repair
- Motor Control Panels 
- Electrical Controls
- Heavy Duty Machines
- Upgrades and Renovations

- Switchgear maintenance

Additional Services

Bucket Truck Service

Our 35' bucket truck is stocked with the most common light bulbs and ballasts to guarantee that your lighting gets fixed right and in one service call.  We also stock individual components to allow quicker and less expensive repairs. We service all post lighting and building wall lights. Owning our own truck ensures fast and cost effective service, no waiting for a second contractor or renting exspensive lifts.

Cable Locates

Our cable locater is new and up to date with todays technology. With our locater we are able to locate under ground faults with pin point accuracy. This allows us to dig and repair the burn with out needing to replace all of the wiring. Knowing where to dig and only repairing what is needed allows us to keep repairs quick and costs to a minimum. We also locate exterior lighting circuits prior to excavation (i.e. watermain replacments). This will help minimize damage to wiring and reduce loss of lighting due to hit cables.

Thermal Inspections

Infa-red cameras are used to scan electrical equipment such as panels and switches and look for hot spots that may represent a potential problem/failure.  In an electrical system, heat can cause fuses, switches and breakers to lose their strength which eventually leads to the failure of the part.  By identifying areas that show higher than normal heat or uneven temperatures, we can proactively replace components before they fail.  This can save costs in the long run as most failures occur during peak times (after hours), plus it can save a lot of frustration for owners/tenants and staff that are affected by the power outages when components fail.

This inspection is done during regular business hours with NO POWER INTERRUPTIONS required.  This type of inspection is recommended to be done every 12 months in order to help maintain a zero downtime environment. Our professional staff will inspect all major electrical equipment throughout your building and take pictures (both thermal and digital) of any equipment that should be addressed.  A report is then generated showing the equipment that requires attention and recommendations for repairs. 

The image above is the infrared scan of a small disconnect switch. The image to the right is a digital picture of the same switch.  As you can see the switch "appears" to be fine, with no signs of discolouration. However, when looked at thermo-graphically we can see that the centre phase is considerably hotter than the outside phases (red colour).  We can also see clearly that the source of the heat is near the switching mechanism itself.  While this particular switch may work for months or years to come, it feeds a motor that would most likely burn up if this switch fails.  Changing the switch prior to an eventual failure is more cost-effective.

Thermographic inspections can be used in conjunction with reserve fund studies to ensure equipment will continue to function for its expected life cycle.

This camera may also be used to test pipe tracing and ramp heating cables in the winter months.  This testing will determine if the heating cables to the pipes and garage ramps are functioning in order to prevent the pipes from freezing and to make sure the garage ramps will be snow/ice free for your residents.